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หลอดไฟ1500w ฟูรูโน่ สีขาว,เหลือง เขียว ชมพู

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หลอด1500w ฟูรูโน่
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หลอดไฟ LED 5W AC180-240V National ballastรุ่นหนัก หลอดไฟ400w หลอดLED 18W/220V ติดเพดาน ให้แสงสว่าง ไฟฉายSTRONG LIGHT FLASHLIGHT (สินค้าหมด) กรอบโคมไฟล่อหมึก ปลา ราคาไม่รวมหลอดและขั้วไฟE40รูใส่ขั้วกว้าง6.5ซม. ปากโคมกว้าง30.15ซม.

หลอดไฟ 1500W SAMSUNG MH-1500 / 20Lสีเหลือง

CAUTION : Please strictly follow below instruction to prevent any possible damager of lamps and initial faults. It is out of  Manufacturer’s responsibility in cases of product inferiority, personal injuries and property damages occurred by not observing followings.

- As Metal Halide Lamp is operates at high temperature of 1100º C, it is possible to explode unexpectedly by internal causes  and external causes such as systemic faults and misuse of lamp. Therefore the fixture and cover glass should be selected with consideration which can stand heated particles over 1100º C.

- This lamp should be operated with appropriate electrical equipment. When placing in the fixture,. Please ensure to insulate to prevent devitrification and damages of lamp’s quartz.  No metallic should be contacted to glass.

- In applications where it is continuously lighting on ( 24 hours / day, 7 days / week ) lamp should be tuned off at least 15 minutes once a week Otherwise there will be higher risks of rupture.

- Lamp should be protected from water and moisture to avoid breakage from thermal shock.

- To reduce the damages of lamps by vibration, the lamps should be fixed firmly into the socket. Exceed power can damage lamps.

Please do not leave any    scratches on the surface of glass. Lamps might be damaged while operation and placing.

- When replacing lamps please use proper gloves to prevent any possible burning and electrical shocks, and ensure the power to be turned off and wait unit the lamp cools down completely.

 - The color difference between lamps is the basic characteristics of Metal Halide lamps. This is affected more by the operating conditions which dose not  mean the inferiority of lighting system.

- This lamp can cause serious skin burn and eye inflammation from shortwave radiation if lamp is keep working while out bulb is broken.

Where proper  will remain for more than a few minutes, adequate shielding or other safety precautions are required.

-Replace the lamp at or before the end of rated life time, beyond it, as light output diminishes while energy consumption increases, there will be higher  risks  of rupture.




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