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หลอดไฟทุ่นกระพริบ สีขาว 6อัน ขนาดยาว 27ซม.

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หลอดไฟ กระพริบ
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หลอดไฟLED 9W ,AC180-240V โคมไฟรถยนต์ พร้อมหลอดGE ราคา 950 (สินค้าหมด) หลอดไฟใต้น้ำ 1000W และหลอดLED ทั้ง2ประเภทมีให้เลือก 3สี หลอดLED 18W/220V ติดเพดาน ให้แสงสว่าง สีขาว (ของหมด) หลอดประหยัดไฟ 15W กำลังไฟสูงถึง75W ยี่ห้อHitachi /220-240Vสีขาว


Ming hao series of energy-saving and strong-light electronic lamps of met adopt modern core technology of frequency-conversion and apply the luminescent tube(LED) and fiash tube of long-life and extra-bright as light source, our produces is of integral structure with bumanity, and to be manufactured precisely, through strict test the performance and service life of our products have reached leading level internationally.

  This product adopts advanced technology with many feathers such as water-proof, shock-proof, wear-proof and pressure resistant, etc. Meanwhile this product has many virtues including strong brightness, far light   distance, high efficiency   and energy-saving and auto matic flash, This product can be applied as the signal lamp of net box’s position on the sea or seabed, top lamp or boat’s mast and fish luring light when the fishers carry out fishing job at night and in foggy day, as well as the warning lamp of convenient and economical; it.  Gets  the favors from wide fishers.

   Ming hao Company wishes wide fishers smooth road maintenance. This product is sailing with great harvest.

Matters Needing Attentions:

  1. Please install 2 batteries #1 and tighten the lamp cover when operate.
  2. Please replace the batteries timely lest the leakage influence the service life of this product when you discover the lamplight is faint or dark after some time of use.
  3. Please take out the batteries to put it at the place of ventilation if you don’t use it temporarily. A Specialized manufacture with the first quality


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