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หลอดไฟOKE 9w / 80w 24v สีขาว

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OKE 9W/80W
160.00 บาท


โคมไฟกันน้ำNATO NT-LAM11 ไส้หลอดไอโอดีน 500W 220-240V ยาว 12ซม.ไม่ต้องใช้บัลลาสต์ สีส้ม ขั้วไฟสีเขียว กันน้ำ E40อลูมิเนียมใช้กับหลอดไฟ400W, 500Wจะไม่ค่อยทนความร้อน ราคานี้ไม่รวมค่าจัดส่ง หลอดไฟเลเซอร์400W/220-240Vสีเขียว สีชมพูอ่อนใช้บัลลาสต์ จิกเนเตอร์ ขั้วไฟ หลอดไฟ เลเซอร์ 500W/220V สีส้ม ใช้กับเรือซั้งและ เรือไดร์ เรือปลาจิ้งจั๋ง สีส้มไม่ต้องใช้บีลลาสต์

 หลอดไฟ OKE 9W / 80W 24V

                        3000 Hours long ifetime  9W /80W Brightness

-  Refinement Type

            -  Wide temperature

            -   LED energy – saving lamp

            -   Environmentally friendly materials, High brightness        

            -   90% energy saving compare with standard incandescent bulbs

The energy – saving as the core of the whole household lighting solutions

90% more energy saving compare with standard incandescent bulbs

More compact structure, is an ideal substitute for standard incandescent light bulbs          

Normal operating voltage is DC12 – 24 V ( 50Hz )


            The energy – saving as the core of the whole household lighting solutions





Product parameters


Operating voltage: AC180-240V ( 50 Hz )

Product Power:  9W

Lamp Type: E27

Output  flux: 450 LM ± 10

Product Material: ABS + PC

Product Size: 80 x 130 mm

LED Color Temperature: 3000-6500K

CRI:                 >75

Ambient temperature: -20 ~ +45º C


Product Features:

  1. The  products won several national patents with fashionable appearance, unique structure and optical design.
  2. It is stable and reliable as it uses solid-state LED light source which is high-quality, low light decay, low power consumption and high efficiency.
  3. It use high thermal conductivity aluminum heat sink which reduce the light decay change effectively when used the LED.
  4. The products instantaneous reach full luminous flux output when lighten also it is bright, non stroboscopic, non radiative and super long lifetime.
  5.  The product give you comprehensive care in your health as they have not contain harmful  substance such as lead, mercury  and so on, also no ultra  violet and environmental. 
  6. Its high color rendering index, various color temperature    optional, and  wide applicability help it to meet the needs of  different site.

Applied range:

Widely install in homes, shopping malls, factories, schools, hospitals, garage, hotels and other lighting sites.


  1. When install and replace the lamp, you must cut off the power at first to ensure your personal safety.
  2. This product shouldn’t installed in the heat source and hot steam, corrosive gas in order not  to shorten the life span.
  3. Avoid to install product in the combustible objects also lamps can not be  covered by insulated liner or similar materials.
  4. This product is limited to be used indoor, also it is prohibited in outdoor and poured.



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