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หลอดประหยัดไฟ 15W กำลังไฟสูงถึง75W ยี่ห้อHitachi /220-240V

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หลอดประหยัดไฟ 15W กำลังสูงถึง 75W /220-240V


หลอดไฟ LED 12-85V, 12W หลอดไฟ กระพริบ สีแดง สีเขียว สีขาว สีส้มเหลือง สีขาวแดง สีเขียวแดงขนาดยาว 12นิ้ว ไฟฉายคละสี (สินค้าหมด) Indicator บัลลาสต์หลอดไฟ400Wชิ้นละ 680 บาท มียี่ห้อ VETO และ Micron และ Lazerภายในใช้ขดลวดทองแดงแท้ หลอดไฟเลเซอร์400Wสีเขียว สีแดงใช้บัลลาสต์

 หลอดไฟ  HITACHI Inspire the Next

Care Instruction

-          Never use with dimmer.

-          Not water proof.

-          Born only on proper voltage and frequency.

-          Never use in a closed fixture.


-          Do not attempt to disassemble or reqair the lamp. Light tubes and Parts are not


-          Avoid using the lamp where light is frequently turned on and off; this may shorten it’s service life.

-          Always use the lamp at the proper voltage.

-          Do not sue the lamp where ambient temperature exceeds 40 C .

-          Avoid using the lamp in extreme temperatures that are unusually high or low.

-          Do not spray insecticide at the lamp.

-          If abnormal lighting ( such as light flickering on and off ) is noted, promptly shut off the power and replace the lamp with a mew one.

-          Use of the lamp near audio units, including radio, may cause noise, ( If noise occurs, move the unit at least one meter away from the lamp).

-          Use of the lamp near a television set with an infrared remote control unit may interfere with proper operation of the  remote control.

-          Do not use the lamp with a DC and Emergency  power supply.

-          Although tiny blackish spots may occur at the top of the lamp when it is on, this is not abnormal.

-          Although a place near the electrode may look blackish when the lamp start on, this state will disappear after a time.

-          Do not stick paper or cloth.

-          Do not touch the bulb during operation or soon after switching off.






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